10 Sep 2013

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Kochi is one of the places in Kerala, which is enriched with exotic places
and things to do offering umpteen options of adventurous sports that will revitalize and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul all at once. Here are the lists of 5 activities which are worth doing in Kochi for a better holiday experience.

 Kayaking: Kayaking is an adrenaline pumping activity and is more relaxing and less strenuous. Kothad Island is a perfect spot for anyone wanting to row in a kayak which is constructed of fiber with seat capacity of two and is really amazing for anyone wanting to relish in the backwaters in and around the island. Lifeguard rafts will always be around you and you need not have to worry as you can jump into them if you feel tired. Facilities of camping in the tents are arranged.

 Yachting: Yachting Association in Kochi is an idyllic association where almost anyone can join the sailing fraternity. Instructors will make you perfect where you have to sail in the inland backwaters in non-motorized boats. After the end of monsoon in late September, large number of visitors flocks to this place for relishing Yachting in the sea. One can also sail in laser yachts in which people even sail to Lakshadweep.

Ice Skating: Ice –Skating can be relished in the new rink which has been opened in a mall in Kochi with an accommodation capacity of 50 people. Trainers will assist the beginners and after half hours of training it can be enjoyed on your own.  

Archery: It can be enjoyed in the city mall where you will be provided with 10 arrows in a round. Aiming at a target and hitting it with a bow is just what you have to do. Children can also try their luck and it will be much easier for the starters as the bow are made of woods which make it lighter too. And of course they are Indian Bow.

Scuba Diving/Snorkeling: Scuba Diving center is located on the outskirts of Kochi at Mamala, Tripunithura where one can enjoy scuba diving along with snorkeling. Beginners are allowed to go up to a depth of 10 meters along with the instructor. The underwater experience where you can see so much of underwater life including colourful fish, coral etc. is just astonishing. Snorkeling is the best option for starters as it requires less training.  

Horse Riding: Horse Riding Club in Kochi is a wonderful place for getting trained for a horse ride or for other horse riding. It is a great sport in which you should be prepared by trainer, and after you are trained it’s invigorating to ride a horse.