2 Sep 2013

Posted by Chirstina Rose on Monday, September 02, 2013 1 comment
One of the backwaters in Kerala is Kumarakom
reveals the green shades and extended interminable elongate of blue. The backwaters poignant the feet of islands and gives a great combination of blue green anguish which is administration in Kumarakom. The backwaters are born from these islands. This backwater is situated in Kottayam. It is famous for its backwater tourism. This is very fascinating and mesmerizing place and having house boats which gives us an opportunity to explore and generate the new things related to nature. It is very colorful and creative that has nature’s effect bestowed upon us by god and had in advanced this beautiful backwater.

The environment is full of positive wipes and also it is said that green color is friendly to the eyes of humans and had a great frequency of costiveness. It is having diverse variety of flora and fauna. This is not only the place of tourism but as it is there in Vembanad Lake, the fishing, agriculture and all sorts of thing you can scrutinize there. This backwater is came out because the government had sealed it and made it to come in subsistence. It is having moderate climate all along the year. The total rainfall is almost 1100 meters, as it is having an evenhanded stifling ambiance. It has two monsoons south west and north east. Because of this climate this place is suitable for cultivation and had a great economy. In good old days when no water transport was there the band were coming into the way in its transport, but when the Thanneermukkam band was constructed the open water ways transport was no freer.

From the tourism point of view the lake shore is lined with pocket friendly resorts which provide you with all the luxuries. They will also offer you the experience of fishing, yachting and boating. One of the most popular resorts which were recognized by the Alfred George Baker in 1881. He built a bungalow and the four generations witnessed the luxury life and lived there enjoying the beauty, but now it is transformed in resort. The bakers lived in this house till 1962. This bungalow lately a resort is having the work of wooden crafts inside and seems very relaxing and cooling. This resort is now named as Taj garden resort. The wooden rafts with the mud base are done into it and this is how it looks very traditional as well as eco-friendly. When you are going through the boat and exploring you will find panoramic views of Lake.

Another importance of this backwater is that the famous novel of Arundhati Roy’s the God of Small Things had mentioned about the Kumarakom which made this backwater more fascinating for the tourist and the people started visiting this place. One more interesting thing should be added here is that, this novel is having “history house” which is the complex center of the Taj garden resort.

Basically the habitual boats are moored in lagoons. This backwater is declared as the exceptional sightseeing zone in Kerala Tourism act 2005.