25 Sep 2013

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India is a country that is known for its exquisite cuisines and colourful culture
in the whole wide world while in India, Kerala is a state that has gained a lot of fame owing to its colourful culture and mouth watering cuisines.
This southwestern state in the erstwhile days of Maharaja’s was one of the most important trade centers and therefore had settlers from many parts of the world especially that from Portugal, Holland and France. With a wide diversity of foreign settlers coming in the indigenous Kerala cuisine too started getting diversified. At present one can find that the cuisine of this coastal state of southwestern India is a well merged flavour of  Western, European and indigenous styles that have been perfected over the years to give it a distinct taste which you would classify as the Kerala cuisine.

Rice and cassava is the staple food of the people here. Almost all the dishes are made from them and served with “Kootan” which is the side dish that may be of vegetables, fish or meat. As a result of a tropical climate coconut grows in abundance here thus they prove to be one of the most used items while cooking. Coconut Kernel, coconut milk and coconut cream are ingredients that are used in preparing gravy base and flavouring the dishes. Being a coastal state and having a wide network of backwaters flowing inland the fishing industry has thrived here. Thus, one can expect to find a lot of sea and river food based cuisine ranging from fishes to the crustaceans.
One must not forget that this state is known worldwide for the various spices grown here. These spices are widely used in the preparation of the dishes here. They provide a distinct flavour to the cuisine which is not found in other cuisines of the neighbouring states or the world.
The cuisine can be classified into three major cooking styles i.e. Travancore, Kochi and Malabar which were the princely states during the pre independence era. Each style has its own use of spices and cooking styles that your taste buds will relish.
Along with the food that will get your taste buds watering the culture of this state will have yours eyes and soul in a trance. The state is known for its colourful culture comprising of dance, festivals, martial arts and grand architecture. The culture is mostly of the Aryan and Dravidan origin but one can see external influences too brought in by the foreign settlers from the west.
Kathakali is the most famed dance form of the state and visitors from far and near come to see it. This dance form comprises of actors in brightly coloured costumes, vibrant make up and traditional music. This dance form depicts the epic stories with just the help of hand and facial expressions. One will be amazed to see the number of expressions the actors can make, this is a must see when in Kerala.
There are many festivals that are celebrated and Onam is the most grand festival of the people here. Snake boat races, elephant displays, traditional dances etc. make up this festival. One needs to see for himself to believe the grandeur of this festival.
Martial arts has been an important part of the culture here. The martial arts here is known as Kalarippayattu and is one of the worlds oldest forms of martial arts. It is believed that the Chinese Kung-Fu has been derived from it.  
Music and literature also forms a major part of the culture here. One should attend the concerts being held when here to enjoy the.

All in all this state of India will have you filled and satisfied in terms of cuisine and culture.