6 Sep 2013

Posted by Chirstina Rose on Friday, September 06, 2013 1 comment

Gods own Country of Kerala is surely the leading tourist destination
of India and is one of the ‘Paradise on Earth’ which is blessed with everything that a tourist needs to spend a holiday/vacation. From the thrilling backwaters to the gorgeous hill stations to religious sites, Kerala has always captivated its visitors with its exquisiteness and diversity.

 One of the main things nowadays, that this India state is making use of is home stay’s where one feels like a home away from home.  Home stays are distinctive rooms which are alienated by the owners of the home for guests to reside and familiarize the generosity and daily life of local Keralite. Truly this is the speciality of Kerala and it has not lack behind any of such things.

Home stays are the best options that are available for a visitor to understand the community and the family. It may not offer you with all the modern amenities that you may need while on your stay, but surely it will leave you with a smile on your face as you will come closer to the host family knowing a great bit of themselves and sharing a bit of yours to them. Saying this, it will offer you with eco-friendly surroundings and home friendly hospitality in the warmth of domesticated and modified environment.

 It is the best way to come close to the real Kerala, as you will be provided with the exotic culinary delights and cultural reference. Unlike, staying from hotel, home stays are specially designed for the travelers to provide them with the knowledge of authentic Kerala. You will get an opportunity to know about any place you are planning to visit in a better and a superior way. The key thing about these stays is that you will be getting the same food that the member of the home eats; it’s like living under the same roof. Tourists are treated like guests and can take part in any of the household activities; it is safe and cheap compare to any other hotels or resorts.  

In cities you may find almost any type of hotel that you may need, but in some rural areas that are growing in the sector of tourism you won’t be getting the hotels that you may need. In that case, home stays serves you as a perfect place to stay with a real ambience of this blissful land. The major reason behind Kerala flourishing and booming in the field of tourism is home stays, according to sources there are more than 400 home stays in Kerala which has been providing home away from home for more than seven years for visitors.  
 Not only will they provide with peaceful night stays, some of them will also assist you in your places of interest, as they will be knowing greatly about the places you won’t be bothered for searching a guide. In short, it is the most secure and cheapest way of living in a foreign country where they will take great care of you, your family or your loved ones. You can spend an isolated and peaceful time, as all of the home stays are located far from the busy city life; actually they are positioned in the lap of nature where you will forget all your worries and problems.