21 Oct 2013

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Floating along with the beauty of backwaters at the top of houseboat is always amazing
and beauty of a time feeling the wind beneath my neck and its gentle touch teasing me unfolds a brilliance of Kerala one by one.

Fringed of coconut and bananas trees passes by with every ticks of time and at the stream near the banks of river a fisher trying to catch a fish with a Chinese and at the other half a women trying to dry out their multi color silk saris at the edges of rock was just an amazing experience to witness.

And a moment you rest your head at a sundeck where you could just admire a beautiful sky over head and listen to the chirp of bird and get inside the world of calmness.

It was delight full to see a bird pouncing on a fish and carrying it away to its nest so that she could feed herself with a protein of her pray than see how a normal life is done with the herd of cattle farming and see how a ducklings get their anxious run back to the pond.

All is so beauty here at Kerala and the moment we felt our tummies we paused to one beautiful restaurant and had our self a lovely local cuisine served with the delight.

A beautiful cuisine filled our tummies and we were off set for brilliance, soon as the night arrived we started packing our stuff by anchoring our boat near the tree and held down for a good sleep as the night grew ambitious me and my crew had our dinner and went off for the night.

While at 9 my friend tag in and started discussing a beauty though he had a tremendous knowledge about tropical beauty of Kerala he explained me about its beauty and changes.

Now on morning we started our day with a beautiful breakfast served in true Kerala style, while I experienced that Kerala is sublime beauty with its beautiful coast which runs 100s and 100s of kilometer within Kerela.

About Kerala what I really came to understand that the area within Kerala is diverse in beauty while some are filled with a meadows of green while other are dominated by a coastal line, where a houseboats comes in varieties while some are decorated with other are with a woods and natural product.

And the people here are more accustom of wearing a western cloth which defines their broad understanding about fashion, a tremendous education system which is by far the best in terms of accounting the education system of India.

My day begin with a beauty of historical Fort of Cochin renowned for its history and past events it’s a beautiful and pristine fort, it was also amazing to see a traditional martial art which they practice to keep them meditated and understand an art of ancient culture.

And from there a factory where traditional saris are made to pay a visit there and to understand a making and its history, origin and nature was really mind refreshing.

Visit to lake Periyar and to understand a preservation of a wildlife animals was really beautiful and acknowledgeable than to witness a life of natural habituate like that of buffalos, birds and turtles near the banks describes its wealth in terms of Fauna.

And in a elephant camp a bath from its trunk where he slash an amount of water was just so cute of nature how amazing experience was that I can’t explain but to express one has to pay a visit to a land of beauty.