20 Nov 2013

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Beautiful site of Ezhupunna is located at Alappuzha district of Kerala
, lying between a beauty of Kochi and Alappuzha the village is allocated by natural ambiance and alluring surroundings.

 Here pawn farming and Pokkali rice cultivation is done in plenty and the farmers here they perform this task skillfully and this plantation makes the surrounding lusciously beauty and amazing.

Chertala, just 15 km away from Ezhupunna this place is a nearby attraction of Ezhupunna and it is filled with a glistening beauty which covers all the aspects of beauty and tour.

Quick feet here would land you and would serve you with an affluent beauty of places which makes this place an exquisite and extraordinary.

Bamboo cottage, a special place where you have a chance to explore a healing touch of Ayurvedic, a traditional custom of Kerala a touch of confident would allow you to rejoice and relax your mind. Made out of Kerala teakwood a beauty of this health center is designed to provide a comfort to a customer who expects a message to be treat of their life. Many have come here and had excellent service, so this time a center is eyeing at you.

Kochi, just a 13 km away from Ezhupunna, this place is renowned a daytrips. Amazing ambiance here a quick access to a natural beauty would allow you to discover an all around beauty of Kochi as it reveals a beauty of nature. Day trips here are best suggested because a beauty here is truly a treat around a beauty of Ezhupunna.

Idduki, another beauty and surrounded by a beauty of hill station a place here is just exquisite, a beautiful weather would mark your day and a day trip here is very ideal as it is just a 13 km away from Ezhupunna this place is just a beauty and renowned for its magnificent ambiance. So if you paying visit here at Ezhupunna make sure you make your trip here.

Alleppey, 36 km away from Ezhupunna this place is renowned for its backwaters and a trip here means a beauty of nature is just a mile away in fact very close like you could almost touch them. Green in ambiance a perennial water and lush green ambiance that is something that makes Ezhupunna a place to visit.

Soulful ambiance, tranquil houseboat and shimmering beauty a ride here means a brilliance of beauty and people here comes in numbers to try the same. So be a part of tropical beauty as the surroundings and peaceful ambiance is just so exotic one would not be able to resist a beauty of Alleppey.

Thekkady, 15 minutes away from a serene beauty Ezhupunna Thekkady is renowned for its Periyar lake and wildlife sanctuary and to see the beauty of nature and natural habitants people comes and lines in number. Vegetation and rich jungle here is just so beauty nature lovers do love to spend a quiet moment here because it allows an all around beauty and supreme ambiance.