28 Nov 2013

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Thanneermukkom, an important destination regarding backwater
tourism, a place is a gift of nature to a people here, a serene ambiance adjacent to Vembanad Lake it is a small beautiful village of Alappuzha District of Kerala.

Still backwaters that allures a tourist from far across a nation has its hub here, a lush green area renowned for its beauty, a backwater experience under a roof of tradition that offers a brilliance of ayurvedic message and spa this place is surely a heaven for a still lovers.

Backwater that flows in between as its proximity near to the lake of Vembanad has made this place a resourceful and affluent in terms of trailing its wonders of nature.

Thanneermukkom temple is renowned for its artistic work and if you visiting to allure a magnificent of Thanneermukkom than you must also pay a visit here because it’s worth your visit. A pristine temple that surrounds an air of divinity is the only temple that carries a high spiritual value. It is also an only temple that defines an equal power and participation of God Shiva and God Vishnu.

People here comes in numbers to cry their prayers as the line of devotee here always packs a gate be here and feel an air that strikes a culture of people her and their understanding regarding their religion.

Bus service has well connected a beauty of Thanneermukkom, so it would a pleasant time for you to enjoy a tropical beauty throughout your journey a lush green ambiance that attracts people from far across is also because of the reason it has a brilliance of resort and hotels that operates near its beauty that allows tourist to enjoy a beauty of ambiance.

A comfortable inn like Thanneermukkom Lake Resort, Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort, Triveny River Palace and such other magnificent hotels with a brilliant location has made this place a hub of tourist and a number grows every year because it near access to backwater and beautiful ambiance.

Marari Beach, a sleepy little village where number of resort operates is just a distance away and it is a prime destination near a beach where people loves to come and spend some time enjoying a flow and wave of beach. It offers a brilliant of sight and one could just lie down at a shore and enjoy an adulating beauty of Marari Beach.

Vembanad lake, a beauty of ambiance here a tradition of houseboat is famous and one can spend their well earned vacation at a coastal site of Vembanad, try a beauty of Houseboat as it is a prime things that people must try during their tour at Kerala. See a tranquil beauty floats with an amazing backwater.

Pallippuram Fort, hexagon in shape a beauty of Portuguese courtesy this fort is a remarkable beauty and amongst a prime destination for tourist. Here you would see a beauty of remittance of Portuguese, a beautiful structure that they carved during their reign is a standout beauty.

Come here and follow footsteps of nature as it leads you to an eternal hope.