3 May 2014

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Ever thought of benefits you will be entitled with while eating ever refreshing flavours of Watermelon.
Although many of us do not even bother to think it for once regarding the advantage of it all we do is we get our mind engaged to finish it as soon as possible.
Through this article today we are going to talk about some of the asset related with watermelons and by the end of this article we believe that you won’t just eat but you will make sure to take a full credit of it.
1. It Soothes Sore Muscles
As per the source of Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry, the concentration of the amino acid in watermelons helps the athletes to reduce the rate of heart and soreness of muscles and it is because of the presence of the Amino acid which in turns comes handy relaxing the blood vessels results in improvement of bird circulation.
Beside that drinking watermelon juice contains citrulline which in turn helps to metabolise the intestine which in turn helps to energise the body and mass.
2. It Helps Heart Health
For Postmenopausal women juice and extracts of watermelons is very necessary to gain their dying health. A supplement of watermelon which contains citrulline and arginine is so recommended by health experts that every Postmenopausal woman is asked to drink the supplements of Water melon.

3. It Could Be a Natural Viagra
Eating watermelons could act as a natural Viagra which in turn improves blood circulation to exfoliate all the impure elements. Since we know better circulation means healthy heart so that means eating watermelons could come handy for heart patience.
Now coming back to the point of Viagra, to gain such desired effect one must note that they would require eating an awful amount of watermelons which in turn would result in some unwanted side effects.
4. It’s Rich in Vitamins and Minerals, But Low in Calories
Since watermelons contains the efficient amount of vitamin A, B, C and reserved amount of potassium which in turn helps the consumer to gain the sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to tackle with minor disease.
Low in calorie is another fruitful feature of the watermelon and perhaps that reasons ask health conscious people to drink the extracts of watermelons to keep them fit and running.
5. It Could Even Combat Cancer
For cancer patients watermelon is the best dietary supplements as it contains anti-oxidant essentials which come handy to prevent the cause of cancer. In this connection scientist are doing their best to find out more regarding the assets of watermelons.
6. Helps Getting a Younger Skin
Most of the heath expert would ask you to drink atleast one glass of watermelon juice to get that younger looking skin because the amount of vitamins and necessary elements it contains fights ageing and dullness. It also cuts the risk of sun related skin damange by almost 40%.
7. Helps to Gain Energy
The necessary elements of the watermelons help to regain the energy and that is the reason why sportsperson and athletes are often asked to drink or eat watermelons. The sole reason behind sportsperson eating watermelons is that it contains magnesium and magnesium acts as a natural energiser to regain that lost stamina.
8. Helps to improve sleep

It is also found out that, taking few slices of Water Melon after dinner can help for a sound sleep and helps to extend the deep stages of the sleep by 27%.
9. Fights Infections in the body
It helps to fight infections in the body and inflammation of the joints as Water Melon contains high quantity of vitamins.
10. Gives Eye Health
As water melon contains good amount of Vitamins, it helps in improvement of healthy eye health.