27 May 2014

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Surrounding the natural call of Idduki Wildlife Sanctuary
, the Idduki Arch dam is first of its kind within entire Asia and second in terms of World. Measuring the height of 550 ft and 650 ft in terms of breadth this dam is amongst the most futuristic project conceived by Thomas during the call of 1919.
Encircled with visage of Cheruthoni barrage and Kulamavu Dam, Idduki dam is synonyms to power generation because the power house which is located within Moolamattom serves the purpose of electricity.

Perched perfectly atop of Western Ghats the site is surrounded by an adulating mountains and tranquil wonders. Constructed across the summit of Kuravan Kurathi the arch dam of Idduki is one of the noblest projects of the nation.

Situated at the heart of Kerala, Idduki is amongst the 14 districts that contributes the beauty of the state. Traveller must understand that it is the second least crowded quarter of Kerala.
When it comes to the main attraction of the district than it is surrounded by the beauty of Munnar, Idduki Dam power station and during the call of season you would be shock to see the number of tourist.
According to historians the idea to create something like Idukki dam was conceived by friend of Malankara Estate Superintendent, Thomas during the call of early 90s. As per their saying both the friends were off to the forest to serve their hunting purpose and while trailing within the bends Thomas was trucked by the brilliance of natural sight and at that moment he idealised the view of establishing idduki Arch dam.
The word Idduki is originated from Malayalam work Idukku which means narrow gorge. Traveller must understand that the surroundings of Idduki and Idduki itself are blessed by surreal of nature and it is because of its preservation the site is nurtured by the presence of wildlife sanctuaries and hill station.
An exclusive landscape of Idduki allows spice plantation to have its ground and during your journey traveller must take an initiative to check and understand the various forms of spices.
Call of Project
The project yokes important portion of the power potential of Periyar which is the Latgest River of the state. By creating reservoir of 2 billion tonnes which in general is a capacity of it looks to create enough power to meet the demands of the native people.
Diversion of waters which is impounded by a water conductor system which consist of power tunnel and pressure shafts the power house of Muvattupuzha Valley is an amazing feet when it comes to remark the glory of engineering work.
Best Time to Visit

Consider coming here during the months of August till March to witness the splendour of Idduki and its Power House.
How to Get There
By rail- the nearest railway station to Idduki is Kottayam railway station and it is located at a distance of around 133 km from here.
By air- the nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which is located at a distance of around of 132 km from here.