20 Jun 2014

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Heartily accepted as the “paradise of the south”, the state Kerala is more than one has dreamed of. Being positioned close to the equator,
apart from the other states of India Kerala experiences pleasant weather conditions all through the year. The flow of pleasurable climate to the unmatched beauty of the state is a plus point which captivates thousands of both domestic and foreign tourists. Nestled in the southwest region of India on the Malabar Coast, the state is a real retreat to the visitors. The limitless charm and the heavenly surroundings along with the soothing temperature are worth visiting once in your lifetime. The temperature in the state usually ranges from 28 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius in plains and sometimes in highland regions it drops down up to 20 degree Celsius. The geographical diversity and the weather pattern of the state are truly amazing as there are of no waste. Kerala experiences three major seasons’ winter, summer, southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon. Each of these offers their own speciality and attention grabbing facts that fascinates you in no time.

Winter season
Winter season begins from the month of November and remains till the end of February. These winter months is stated to be the peak tourist season. It is a perfect time to explore the verdant greenery of the surroundings as well as experience various nature activities. The temperature during this season is maximum 28 degree Celsius to minimum 18 degree Celsius and the average rainfall is 25 mm. Tourist often make their visit to the enchanting hills stations of the state as well as the plains too. This is also an ideal time to enjoy Kerala festivals, backwater cruise and for the travellers it is advised to book their hotels in early as it is the peak tourist season in Kerala.
Summer Season                          
Summer months in Kerala begins from the months of beginning of the March and ends in the last of May. It is a good time to be in Kerala for a budget holiday and the crowd is also less during these months. The maximum temperature reaches up to 36 degree Celsius and minimum up to 32 degree Celsius. The average rainfall is 135 mm. It is also an ideal time to experience water sports and the exotic beaches along with sightseeing’s. One can even reach up to the gorgeous hill destinations like Munnar, Thekkady and many optional.
Southwest Monsoon
Beginning from the month of early may till September, it is stated as the main rainy season in Kerala. It is said so as the Kerala is the first to be hit by the southwest monsoon winds. The average rainfall remains 2250 to 2255 mm and during these months also one can pay their visit just for sightseeing as it is the right time when entire Kerala offers its true colour of nature. During these monsoon season the state experiences copious rainfall and it is less visited by tourists.

Northeast monsoon
Northeast monsoon is generally the return of southwest monsoon. It is also called as the reverse of retreating monsoon. It appears during the months of October to November and sometimes till December. There is no need to worry as these months receive fewer rainfalls that ranges from 400 to 550 mm. The average temperature during northeast monsoon is maximum 35 degree Celsius and minimum 29 degree Celsius.
At present years Monsoon months is also well known among the nature lovers as it happen to be the right time to catch a view of the real colours of Kerala. Make sure you do avoid water activities during Monsoon.