18 Dec 2013

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Beauty needs no artificial glitters it requires just a perfection of simplicity and that’s make a wonders countable.
As nature is a gate of preliminary where it streams and branches gradually walks into become a manifesto of nature and if I have to put this words in describing a natural affection of Kerala then the word would fall short because a gods own country is just brilliant.

Blessed with a tropical beauty, Kerala is renowned for its tranquil backwaters which define a wonders of this state. Though a back dropping view and majestic lagoons are just splendid and amongst those a beauty of Kozhikode backwaters which is situated at a northern part of Kerala speaks a sovereign elegance.

Backwater that silently cruises into a valley of seclusion beside that wildlife habitat, boat and bicycle rides all are just an amazing side of Kozhikode.

The luxury cruise and Houseboats which are designed with an eco friendly element are just amazing. Rest down at a lavish space of a houseboat and enjoy a nature that creeps in from a veil of beauty.

The houseboat cruises, boat riding, exotic resorts, The Kallai River and the Canoli canal surrounded with thick plantation offers a splendid sight that can’t be compared to other exciting experiences in the world.

While riding towards a beauty a valley which examines a beauty of vegetation is simply going to take your heart away as this is the most popular destination amongst tourist you would feel a plenty of blossoms blooming around a side of Kozhikode.

Cycle ride towards a town of Kozhikode is something you would not want to miss because the scene and a natural ambiance you are going to feel while riding alone would be something like a god feeling.

Gods own country and its brilliance which is hence justified by an existence of superb environment of Kozhikode is very inspiring and don’t miss an opportunity to catch a beauty of Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary which is adjacent to Kozhikode; the whole experience is going to be milking.

Feel the purity of destination here as it has all to lure your anxious mind a patience that follows the beauty of backwater is just splendid and houseboats that leap over the surface gives a feeling like paradise has fallen down for a moment to guide you across a glimpse which is just a blessings and grace.

Visually rich experience, amidst serene waters and evergreen tall trees are so twined and together and so close you could almost reach out and touch them.


Houseboats are a best accommodation one would find at a beauty of this serene backwater of Kozhikode.

Things to Do

Start exploring a splendor Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Pazhassirajah Museum, Krishna Menon, Museum, Beypore Harbor, Dolphin Point and The Art Gallery are some of the beauty you can witness here.

Besides that boating, cycling and other recreational things are a complimentary when you walk down to a myriad of Kozhikode.

How to Reach

Nearest airport to Kozhikode backwater is Karipur international airport located within 23 km away from Kozhikode city.

Kozhikode railway station is the nearest railway station to this place. Buses are also available from Kozhikode bus stop.