15 Oct 2013

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Kerala has become one of the top most tourist destinations in the whole world.
Travellers love this place due to its splendour of natural beauty and colourful culture and development in the department of tourism.
Out of the many tourist destinations in Kerala,
Munnar and Kumarakom take the real credit fo making the state such a popular destination across the world.
Munnar is a beautiful mist covered hill station which has a range of scenic valleys, mountains and tea plantations along with many other appealing spots. There are very few places on earth that can be compared with beauty and splendour of this place.
On the other hand the calm and tranquil backwater of Kumarakom makes it one of the top popular tourist destinations. The backwaters of Kerala will offer you a whole new world of wonderful experience. The land of Kerala holds numerous islands on the Arabian Sea. Located away from the natural elements of the open sea, the backwaters situated between these beautiful islands form calm and captivating lakes and channels. The backwater of Kumarakom is extended to a distance of 9 km which attract thousands of tourists from all around the world.
The houseboats of this place are equally renowned as it offers a unique as well as luxurious experience to the visitors. The honeymoon packages on these houseboats are very famous among the domestic as well as international tourists.
Kerala home stay and kerala bed and breakfast
Kerala home stay or kerala bed and breakfast provides a whole new experience to the travellers visiting this state of splendour. It offers you a different experience of the scenic places, colourful culture, rich traditions and the warm inhabitants of Kerala.
In Kerala home stay or Kerala bed and breakfast, one will get a unique chance to interact with the host family as you will be staying in their house. Home stay is much more economical and adventurous than staying in the luxury hotels of Kerala.
Home stays or bed and breakfast was not too popular in India till recent times, and initiation of such facilities was introduced in Kerala even later. Home stays or bed and breakfast programs initiated officially only a few years back, during 2001-2002. During this time Kerala tourism department officially declared the start of such services, offering its own recommendations and certifications to home stay houses if they met the required standards. Now, these  programs seems to be a success as also to the reason of tourists visiting this state are mostly elite ones having classy choice of tastes. This means they are not much interested in partying, discos, drug scenes, but are eager to explore the rich social and cultural heritage of Kerala and its picturesque views.
Kerala home stay or Kerala bed offers an ideal opportunity for tourists interested in exploring Kerala deeply, but who do not like to spend time in luxurious Kerala hotels. Kerala is one of the most popular states in the country when it comes to tourism and in addition to this the Kerala bed and breakfast or Kerala home stay programs have enhanced the popularity to another level. As the state is popular due to its natural splendour, it can be considered that this provides very less chances of employment. The program has thus opened a wonderful opportunity for those who are not employed to make their own residence as a means to accommodation for the tourists in the already promising Kerala tourism industry.
But for the ones who are not comfortable with the conditions related to home stays, it is not a good option for them. Still, several new home stays have come up in Kerala and the rest of India, with especially hotels disguised as home stays. In home stays, you are forced to take part in activities even if you are not interested, while enjoying it if you want to. The bed and breakfast or home stays in Kerala are mostly not run by poor villagers or tribal but are run by the traditional middle class families. These families are generally not limited in the matters of clothing or diet, which includes both delicious vegetarian or non-vegetarian foods.