9 May 2014

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Located at the walks of NH 47 that bends through the lines of Alleppey,
The Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum is an architectural grandiose. Sprawled over an area of 28000 sq ft an endemic lawns and the crescent shaped pond which is attributed by Gazebo and six figurines carved out of Italian marbles talks about the affluence of the museum.
Before we talked about the rare collections and attributes of Museum it becomes very important for us to understand the fact which is related with the curator and creator of this mesmerising museum. Revi Karuna Karan was a man of determination and during his life he invested all his time and energy to develop coir industry and while doing that work Revi was so motivated enough to collect the wonderful work of arts of various artistes.

His passion drove his mind in such a way that he became an avid collector of masterpiece and after his heavenly abode his family worked together to dedicate a complex that would enable travellers to understand the manifesto and initiative of Late Revi Karuna Karan.

Amongst the collection of museum than it has brilliant crystal work of Swarovski, Ivory collection, paintings depicting the glory of Tanjore and murals, Kerala room and many more.
When we talked about the mural collection than it has 200sq ft works of mural beside that the museum looks to represents 4 sects of different religion in equal prominence. Other attraction relates to the 946 model Buick Super owned by Mr. Revi Karunakara Menons father, furniture, porcelain work, other artistic collection etc.
Crystal Collection
Crystal collection of Swarovski which includes his primary works like old and new blown, moulded artefacts, figurine, vases etc speaks the volume. Beside Swarovski collection the museum has preserve the work of various other artistes from different corner of world but the main artiste here is Swarovski because his elegance and rare artefacts and crystal works seems to depict the glory of museum.
Amongst the rare work of Swarovski you have renowned Silver Crystal Mouse, Coffee bean Grinding Mill, jewellery and many more. Within the floor of the museum you will witness 800 figurines that talks about the craftsmanship and artistic work.
Ivory Collection
All the compilation of Ivory here are genuine and catalogued in the accounts of government. Intricate ivory carvings are exclusive and every collection related with ivory here reflects culture, religion and heritage of world.
Timeless beauty of ivory and carving put up over the same speaks the amount of skills. Traveller must understand that ivory collection here are one of the largest by any family of the world
When it comes to the main attraction from such ardent collection than make sure to witness award winning statue of Shakuntala, statue of virgin marry, two sided effigy of lord Krishna and Rama etc.
Porcelain Collection
Porcelain is an exclusive material that comes into form after heating raw materials in around 1400 degree centigrade. The delicacy and outrageous nature of ceramic porcelain can be moulded into master class if an artiste looks to design it in their way.
When it comes to porcelain collection of museum than it has stunning work of world renowned artiste like Dresden of China, Meissen and Rosenthal of Germany, Herand of Hungary and of many more amazing artistes.
Beside that the museum has wide collection of statues, mirrors, hand decorated tableware, teapots, bowls and many other astounding porcelain works.
Prodigal Son
Prodigal son in fact is an enormous figurine made by Israeli sculpture Sam Philippe by inspiring ideas from biblical parable of the Prodigal son. An elegance of statue and its noble story needs a real eye to understand its chronology because 14000 pounds and 7 ft high figurine looks to portray a gentle story of father and a son.
The statue was gifted to museum by Pave the way foundation of USA and was dedicated in 23rd march 2012 by Jacob Mathew.
Importance of Museum

From tourism point of view the stands of museum is an opportunity to all to witness the classical work of various artiste because an entire work and collection are not monotonous and traveller would have something new to experience in every step.
If we are assigned to evaluate the value of museum from historical point of view than it is amongst the world renowned museum and the collection here relates the life, culture, time period and races of various nation.  
How to Reach
By train- the nearest railway station to The Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum is Alappuzha railway station which is located at a distance of around 3 km from here.
By air- the nearest airport is Cochin International airport and it is located at a distance of around of 75 km from here.